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Alphabet Magnet Box
Alphabet Magnet Box
Alphabet Magnet Box
Alphabet Magnet Box
Alphabet Magnet Box
Alphabet Magnet Box
Alphabet Magnet Box
Alphabet Magnet Box

Alphabet Magnet Box

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Are you ready to go on a scavenger hunt? Learning about letters has never been more fun!

Grab your magnetic wand and start looking for letters and other treasures hidden under the rainbow rice. This box includes a durable card with pictures and letters. Every time you catch a letter, you can match it with a picture of an item that starts with that letter. You can also flip the card and match uppercase magnetic letters with their lowercase forms.

One fun thing you can also do with this amazing collection is to make an "I Spy" jar to look for some letters.

This Magnetic Alphabet Hunt Box also includes a printout full of ideas to help introduce new ways to play. This is the perfect box that will grow with your child. 

This collection combines a nice science experiment with learning skills in literacy, early math, and fine motor skills.

Ways to play with this box include:

  • Match each letter with the correct picture
  • Match capital letters with small letters
  • Arrange the letters in alphabetical order
  • Practice spelling sight words
  • Find vowels
  • Sort and count colors
  • Make an I spy jar
  • Find something or someone around you that starts with the letter
  • Do you have this letter in your name?
  • Pull and trace letters
  • Practice writing letters/ sight words/ word families
  • Use on a muffin or tin tray
  • Use to practice spelling on a magnetic whiteboard
  • and many many more!


  • Rainbow Rice jar- 600 gm
  • 1 Magnetic Wand (colors vary)
  • Magnetic Letters (Uppercase)
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Magnetic Chips
  • 1 Clear Scoop
  • 1 double-sided Alphabet Magnet Match Worksheet
  • Ideas card

Care instructions:

Store the Rainbow Rice in a container, in a dry and cool place.


3 Year +

Safety Note:

Some of our materials are not appropriate for children under the age of 3, or with sensory/developmental challenges, particularly if those children tend to put everything in their mouths. Use caution and your best judgment based on knowing an individual child.